A Cry from the Middle Class

Our favorite Burlingame political activist has been at it again with eye-catching commentary on life in these United States.  Strategically placed exactly opposite a popular freeway exit in Portland’s high-priced West Hills neighborhood, this graffiti takes direct aim at the squeezing of the middle class in America.

Unfortunately the artist believes the concept and truth of “middle class” has already been lost.  I choose to remain optimistic that we’ll be able to turn things around!  After all, Hope is my middle name! 😉


Smart Street Art

While Portland has its fair share of random, non-sensical let-me-mark-my-territory-arr-arr-arr graffiti, it also has a wide variety of thoughtful street art too.  In the Burlingame neighborhood of Portland recently, it seems one artist has been trying to force commuters to think critically about the world around them.

The first bit of brown spray paint that caught our eye was on a concrete retaining wall just off of Barbur Blvd in bold 12″ letters.  I like the way the artist ended the statement.  With a period.  Definitive.  The statement just IS — there is no sense in arguing.  Period.our future got outsourced.